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Integrating File Column Plugin in Active Scaffold is very easy

Assuming File Column Plugin is installed in your application.

In controller we need to write the following code to make it work:

Considering there is a field called Product_Image in product

active_scaffold :product do |config|

config.label = “Product Page”

config.columns = [:product_name, :product_description, :product_image]

config.create.multipart = true

config.update.multipart = true

config.columns[:product_image].label = “Product Image”


Its not yet done we need to do few coding in helper and model also

In Product_Helper.rb we need to add the following code

def product_image_form_column(record, input_name)

file_column_field ‘record’, :product_image, :onkeypress=>“return numbersonly(event, false)”


#onkeypress event is used to advoid typing characters in file field

def product_image_column(record)

image_tag url_for_file_column(record, product_image) if record.product_image


and In Product_Image.rb we need to write a single line code

file_column :product_image

Its Done and when you upload a image it will create that image in a folder named by the Product_id in public/Product_images and will insert the image name in product_image product table


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